My Google Adsense Successful Story

My Successful Story in Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

I am an active participant of Google Adsense revenue sharing program since November 2008. Google provides me a good monthly revenue and I am very much satisfied for working with Google. provided me such a wonderful platform to earn money through Google Adsense Revenue sharing program.

How to Know about Google Adsense Revenue sharing program.

After completing my post graduation in physics I was staying in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with my husband & daughter. When I reached in Jeddah, I was used my free time for watching TV serials and playing computer & video games. Even I have studied computer fundamentals and some languages as a part of my curriculum, I was not aware about wonderful world of Internet. My Husband advised me to utilize free time to search study materials for SET & NET in Internet. I started browsing and I knew about through one of my friend. I joined ISC and started posting good articles in various sections of ISC, it changed my life a lot.

My one year Experience with

I joined ISC on 09th November 2008, I read all instructions, guidelines and New Members FAQ of very carefully, I found India study channel (ISC) offers 90% of earnings fromGoogle Adsense Revenue sharing program. to their members. I started posting entries in various sections of ISC and applied for Google Adsense revenue sharing program within 2 -3 days. Unlike other members of ISC, Google approved my first adsense request on 18th November 2008 and started Google Adsense revenue earning through ISC. At present I posted more than 2000 jobs vacancies in Jobs sections ‎‎of ISC. ‎ It providing me a consistent daily earnings through this section.

My Earnings from Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

As OI mentioned above Google approved my google adsense request on 19th November 2008 and I started earnings. But first 2 months my earnings through Google Adsense Revenue sharing program. was very little. My earnings through Google Adsense revenue sharing program of November and December 2008 was poor. But I continuously posted very useful articles in the Resources ‎Section & Jobs sections ‎‎ of ISC‎. And also my Husband taught me the usage of HTML tags, keywords etc. It increased my earnings a lot from third months onwards, I reached minimum payment level of 100$ at the end of January 2009. Unfortunately my address verification was successful only after February. I got my first Google Adsense revenue payment on 4th April 2009.

Most of my Adsense revenues are through the Resources ‎Section & Jobs sections ‎‎ of ISC. I couldn't ever find a web site like ISC providing cash credits ‎and 90% of Google adsense revenue. There are many sites offering a very ‎good revenue but most of them are fake sites.‎ I am always thankful the authorized persons of ISC, especially Mr. Tony, Jose Mathew and all valuable Editors and Members of ISC.